Why You Should Join a Big Ticket Program–As your first home business

This is a topic I have talked about, written about and preached about since 2003 when I joined my first big ticket program.

At that time the program I was involved in only paid $400 a sale but it was  seventh heaven to me. My first month in the business I made right around $8600 and I’ve never looked back. In fact I was able to do that from my home and I work about 15 hours a day for a four day week. When I saw this program I immediately quit an $80,000 corporate job and I went full time in the business. My wife at the time thought I had lost my mind but in 30-60 days she became a believer.

In a word, a big ticket program is the simplest and easiest program to work as it give you more money for a lot less effort. Continue reading “Why You Should Join a Big Ticket Program–As your first home business”

How to Use a Voicemail Line to Market Your Big Ticket Program

Using voicemail line to sell you big ticket program has a number of benefits and for the most part that voicemail line can be working for you 24/7.

Your voicemail line can include a short presentation on your program. This line will be your line and when anyone calls your number an email will be sent to you and it will include first their contact information but it can also include a call back request from your caller.

This means anytime someone calls your number you will be notified. Some people call every person that calls and other only respond to people who leave a call back request. Its your choice on how to handle those calls. If your new to your business I suggest you call every person who dials into your line.

So, how will you use your voicemail line?

First publish you phone number everywhere. Place it in your ads, drop cards, your blogs post and everything else you can think of. If your ads are compelling people will call your line.

Next, when your voice broadcasting and people press1 to get more information, the call will transfer to the presentation your have on your voicemail line.

Here’s a short article I wrote about using a voicemail line to market your program and exactly how its used.

In fact listen to the call I use to promote my big ticket program. Call    813-315-4324.

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The Difference Between MLM and a TOP Tier Program

Most people working home business are typically working an MLM vb2program and few people are working with a Top Tier program.

The sad fact is 95% of MLM people are failing to make money. On the other hand Top Tier programs have produced more 6 Figure income earners than anything else in home business. There are a couple of reasons for this and I plan to cover them in this blog. Continue reading “The Difference Between MLM and a TOP Tier Program”

Sell a Top Tier Program With Voice Broadcasting

Many people have looked at a top tier program or better known as a big cashticket program but as they check out one of these programs many are turned away because of the types of effort it might take to sell one of these   programs.

In today’s post I;m going to show you an easy way to sell a top tier program the easy way or in other words how to sell a top tier program with voice broadcasting. Continue reading “Sell a Top Tier Program With Voice Broadcasting”

Making Money With Blogs–Sell a Big Ticket Program

Many of you have wondered how one make money with blogs. I thought I website-promotionwould answer that question in today post. Specifically using blogs to sell a big ticket program.

Here is the program I use blogging to sell

See out Automated System

Blogging can be a fun and easy way to make money. You can blogs about anything that interests you but in my case I use blogging to make money with the big ticket program I market online. Continue reading “Making Money With Blogs–Sell a Big Ticket Program”

Make Money With ClickBank—Really

Making money with ClickBank is a relatively new way to build income and passive-incomein some cases wealth. When many people think about a home business they think about mlm or network marketing. But for many people that model just doesn’t work. MLM requires one to be an excellent recruiter and at the same time build and babysit a downline. This kind of business takes a lot of work and time.

Making money with ClickBank is a whole different business model. One can work from the comfort of their home, write articles to promote whatever product and focus on marketing without needing to build or babysit a downline.

So let’s look at ClickBank and how you make money. ClickBank is an affiliate platform that sells digital products. These are all products that can be delivered over the internet. You can be either a buyer or seller on ClickBank.

Once you create an account at CB you can browse the different product categories and sign up to sell those products. The seller will normally have a website and all sales materials. Once you signup to sell a CB product it’s up to you to begin marketing and selling the product. When you make a sale CB will pay you a commission and send it by Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit. This sounds easy but marketing a CB product does take some skill.

As a seller with products listed on CB you have to agree to certain requirements like developing a website, sales materials and of course CB has to approve the product. CB will handle processing the sale and send the seller a commission.

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing I suggest you begin with a product called CB Passive Income. This product was created by an internet legend call Patric Chan. This is a product that provides you with a single link to promote and the training to promote it properly. In addition, you are provided with excellent software offers on the website you’re promoting to encourage people to opt-in to your website.

Once a person opt-in that’s when Patric Chan goes to work for you. He will take his expertise and start emailing offers to your subscribers. When people buy those offers you get paid. With this one program you can build multiple streams of income at the same time you are learning the art and science of affiliate marketing. Click Below to see the program


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Affiliate Marketing Scam

Many of you are looking for a legitimate affiliate marketing opportunity passive-incomeand you don’t want to waste time or money on an affiliate marketing scam.

I will try and outline a few things you should look out for in this post.

Pay to Join

There isn’t a reputable affiliate program out there that will ask you for money up front or on the back end to join their affiliate program. If anyone ask you for money up front, keep your money in your pocket and look for other opportunities. In fact if you find a company with the kind of products you want to sell and they ask for money you can easily find another company with the same product that will not ask you for money.

Make Thousands Over Night

Any opportunity that promises to make you thousands of dollars overnight should have you headed for the hills. Affiliate marketing can be profitable but it does take time to build.

Avoiding Scams

The best way to avoid scams is to get started with ClickBank. They are a major affiliate marketing platform and they are cracking down on products with no value. In addition you could also look into Amazon Affiliate programs. There are any number of products you can see through Amazon. The only drawback with Amazon is the commissions are really low. Start with either of these two and as you grow in the business you can explore other programs.


Automated Affiliate Marketing

To my knowledge there are many different way to do Automated Affiliate patricMarketing. You can buy traffic from any number of different sources and pretty much put the whole thing on auto pilot.

However, what if you’re brand new to Affiliate Marketing? You will have to make a number of different decisions. For example, where do you buy traffic from, should it be google ad words, solo ads or any number of different sources. After you decide where to buy your traffic you will also need to be sure you’re offering a product people want, do you have good web copy, great emails and a lot more.

My point is this you can do Affiliate Marketing in an automated way but the whole thing could be a waste of time and money. Especially if you’re brand new to Affiliate Marketing. As a newbie you could make many different mistake and as I said they could cost you time and more important a lot of money.

So what is the solution?

The solution is a system called CB Passive Income by the internet marketing guru Patric Chan. CB Passive Income is an Affiliate Marketing system that is literally a business in a box. It contains everything you will need to start your Affiliate business and in addition to all that it will create multiple streams of income for you.

So how does CB Passive Income work for you?

Once you buy a license from CB Passive Income you will be provided with a single link. You will use the training that comes with the system to promote that link. The beauty of the link is it offers a valuable piece of software that any affiliate marketer will want. When people out they opt-in to get the free software they will become a subscriber of yours. You can use any number of different methods to attract people to your website, including both automated and free.

Once people opt-in to your system, Patric Chan goes to work for you. He will then begin sending out a series of emails all designed to encourage your subscribers to purchase different products from Clickbank. He will have your Clickbank id in all if those emails and when they buy you get paid. So here’s the bottom line, you will have multiple streams of income from these emails. This is as automated as it gets.

I could go on and on about this system but I encourage you to take a look at the system. This system works for new guy as well as old guys in the industry.

Click Here to See the System

CB Passive Income

The Difference Between CB Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing

In this short post I will give you the difference between CB Passive Income failand your typical affiliate marketing system. Let’s start with Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing can cover a wide rang of just about any product you can think of. You typically find a product in your niche or something you know about ask if they have an affiliate program that pays you to drive traffic to them and if they do great. Continue reading “The Difference Between CB Passive Income and Affiliate Marketing”